Swedish West Coast

This summer, Stefan and I went on our first little road trip from Stockholm through the West Coast of Sweden to Berlin. It was a new kind of adventure; just the two of us, the open road, a best of the 90s playlist that gave us all the feels and a world of unknown places just waiting for us to explore. Oh and let’s be real, a road trip is not a road trip without snacks and the occasional drive-through. That’s a fact.

I’ll admit, I was a bit unsure about this trip, mostly because I like to have a plan, a detailed itinerary if you will, but this trip was about spontaneity and allowing ourselves to be free. I think we accomplished that and of course, we came back with so many memories and stories to share; our encounter with a 6 ft. moose on a foggy evening in Sweden, a little fender bender in the tiniest of parking garages in Germany and so many more. But the best part? Seeing places that we've never seen. And whilst Stefan is from Sweden and together, we've traveled back to his hometown twice a year for the last ten years, we have never truly seen or experienced all that this beautiful country has to offer. This trip gave us the opportunity to see more, the beautiful, the surreal, the “wow, I can’t believe this place exists!”

And just like that, we fell in love with the Swedish West Coast; the sleepy fishing villages, the little red cottages perched on top of rocky cliffs overlooking the sea and all the colorful seaside towns filled with shops and cafes around the harbor. Oh and all the smoked shrimps and crayfish, please! And while we definitely did not see all of the West Coast, I am excited to know there's more to explore and we can't wait to be back next summer.